I had been here with my parents. I liked the atmosphere and attitude to the guests, everyone was very friendly and polite. The city is fabulous! We were taking walks at nights. I liked the fresh air and the climate so much, that I would come here again.

Ева Р

A beautiful sanatorium preserved from the Soviet period. A great location, close to coast, pine-tree air, I walked to Jurmala. Watched beach volleyball and received a professional medical care. This is a chance for you and your health.


This is a sanatorium of the Headquarters of the business of the President of RB. There is a wonderful swimming pool with mineral water. Normal rooms. Close to the sea and a luxury Italian restaurant. Five minutes walking distance to the Dzintari Music hall.

Виктор М.

A great remedial base, attentive staff, cosy and clean rooms. A great swimming pool. Is it very good that many baths are on mineral water base. A good location!

Olga Pisaryuk

A very good swimming pool. A convenient location. A god sanatorium with great remedial base!

Sergey Alyukhin

Good location and great catering. A big choice of dishes at the canteen, procedures are performed by qualified specialists. We liked it a lot!

Irina Lapatsuyeva

I liked everything very much. A good choice of procedures, a good location.

Andrejs Kuznecovs

I would like to stress out a good location of the sanatorium, staff work and quality of treatments. I enjoyed swimming in the mineral water swimming pool, I liked the physician and medical staff in the treatment department – true professionals

Angelina Karyagina

Mud treatment and mineral baths gave good results. There are powerful physicians at the sanatorium, skilful doctors, significant medical examination

Anton Toropchenko

The sanatorium has a good territory, not far from the seaside – it is a big advantage, to my mind. Furthermore, I liked the treatment process – everything was organized at a high level. Thank you once more, I will definitely use an opportunity to come back again

Yevgeniy Yefremov

The snatorium is located close to the sea. We went for a walk along the seaside every evening. Fresh air and beautiful nature. Staff is friendly at the sanatorium, physicians – real professionals. The treatment is excellent, medical staff makes all their best efforts.

Viktoriya Borodina

We liked it very much at the sanatorium. It is a good and serious treatment here. A good location in the heart of Jurmala. We are very satisfied!

Oksana Yakovleva

We arrived on Sunday, had some rest, had an appointment with the physician the next morning, procedures were prescribed and the treatment began. medical staff works really well, a big treatment base, there were no lines for procedures. We will try to return here again

Yuriy Parfenov